Slippery massage

The lines of our masseuse gently, sensually engulf your body. Sensuality is guaranteed, the effect of the massage extends to your whole body. With its soft, smoothing movements our masseuse will surely achieve the desired relaxation and refreshment.

Pampering massage

If you choose this massage, you will not be short of pampering touches. The proficient hands of our masseuses will relax you with smoothing movements and scented, heated oil.

Swedish massage

You must have heard of this type of massage. It is not surprising, since it is one of the best-known massage forms, that refreshes body and soul, treating a range of problems. Our Swedish massage consists of the five basic techniques that reduce stress and fatigue.

Medical massage

It has a good effect on your immune system, relaxes your muscles, stimulates your blood circulation and boosts your metabolism. Furthermore, it is also known to have pain relieving effects.

Yumeiho massage

Yumeiho massage has been an integral part of the ancient Japanese culture, serving the physical and mental health of the Japanese for a long time. You can experience this ancient knowledge dating back thousands of years in our salon. The masseuse performing the Yumeiho uses nearly 100 basic techniques to relax, pamper and heal her patient, restoring the free energy flow of their body, removing the energy blocks.

Partial massages

During which we massage specific parts of your body, for example arms, neck and shoulder girdle, back, legs.

Refreshing massage

It improves your well-being, reduces tension accumulated in your body, relaxes your muscles and reduces fatigue.

Sports massage

If you exercise (maintain and train your body) regularly, this type of massage is highly recommended to you. It helps to relax your body and reduces the unpleasant effects of muscle strain.

Manager massage

Nowadays, more and more people are having desk jobs which has an extremely harmful effect on their bodies, causing pain in the waist, neck, wrist and shoulders in the long term. We recommend our manager massage to prevent this which is done in clothes for 15-20 minutes.

Shiatsu massage

It is a traditional massage type of Chinese origin, meaning “finger pressure”. It achieves the desired effect with the right combination of the elements of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. It pampers, relaxes and heals your entire body from head to toe.

Relax massage

When your daily stress seems invincible and you also feel it in your surroundings, we recommend our relax massage. Our treatment involves the whole body and is made up of prolonged movements. We eliminate the harmful stress from your body that accumulates during your everyday life in a tranquil environment with the help of competent hands and heated essential oil.

Four hands massage

This form of massage offers double enjoyment since two of our masseuses take part in your pampering. During our twice intensive treatment the hands touching your body do their work in perfect harmony.

Mauri massage

With this form of massage our goal is to eliminate the muscle tension built up in your body, to trigger detoxification and to rejuvenate your skin. Your chosen masseuse performs flowing movements with her forearm, using heated oil.

Foot massage

The knowledge of foot massage has served and serves nowadays as well as a treatment for physical and organic problems surviving the storms of centuries. Several nerve endings of your body can be found in your feet that can be stimulated by our skilled masseuses, helping you fight against chronic diseases.

What can you expect from our professional masseuses?

Neatness, Femininity, Kindness, Sensual elegance, Passion, Tenderness, Professionalism, Discretion

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